Maxxi museum in Rome: contemporary art and architecture

MAXXI Museum in Rome: contemporary art and architecture

The world of art and fashion have always had a very close bond, drawing inspiration from each other. Recently, we exploited this creative synergy by choosing the MAXXI museum in Rome as the location for the latest photo shoot of our leather bags. The MAXXI, short for National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome, is renowned for its contemporary art and architecture. MAXXI’s avant-garde approach perfectly matched the style of the leather bag, giving life to a photo shoot that highlighted the union between form and function.

The main materials used for the construction of Maxxi Museum in Rome: concrete and glass

The first national architecture museum in Italy: MAXXI museum in Rome

Thinking of Rome, images of classical art, ancient monuments, sculptures and Renaissance paintings come to mind. The Eternal City is all this but also much more. In the very elegant Flaminio area of the city, for over ten years, a true contemporary jewel has stood in contrast with the usual architectural panorama of Rome: the MAXXI museum in Rome. Inaugurated to the public in 2010, the MAXXI represented a real innovation compared to the other museums of the city. Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, the museum is both an example of contemporary architecture and a work of art itself. Its flowing lines and bold use of concrete and glass invite visitors to question their concept of space and design.

The cultural offer of MAXXI

The MAXXI museum in Rome aims to present the most emerging works of art, in a dynamic and constantly evolving space. The MAXXI hosts multiple forms of contemporary art: from visual arts, to design and architecture, to photography. Its multifaceted nature is reflected in its architecture which emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, providing spaces for exhibitions and events of different nature. In addition to its permanent collection, the MAXXI hosts a calendar of temporary exhibitions and events much appreciated by Roman citizens. Such events are often an opportunity to meet emerging artists and talents, both Italian and international, guaranteeing a unique and all-encompassing experience. Among the museum’s programs you can also find educational activities, workshops and conferences.

Gravity, Imagining the Universe after Einstein

In 1917 Albert Einstein published a scientific article that revolutionized the models of the cosmos and universe imagined up to that point by scientists of the time. In 2017, one hundred years after its publication, MAXXI museum in Rome dedicated the exhibition “Gravity. Imaging the Universe after Einstein”. Even today, the exhibition is considered one of the most famous and successful in the museum. The project was the result of a collaboration between the museum and the Italian Space Agency and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics for the scientific part and with the Argentine artist Tomás Saraceno for the artistic part.

MAXXI Museum in Rome: view of the building

The ideal setting for the latest photoshoot

The fusion of art and fashion in this unique setting was ideal for telling a story of style and creativity. MAXXI museum in Rome proved to be the perfect location to photograph the two new styles of shoulder bag. The clean lines and fluid curves of MAXXI’s architecture complement the bag’s elegance.

Shoulder Bag Alice

Simple and linear, with strong and regular shapes, the architecture of the museum and its courtyard have enhanced the style of Alice bag. This bag is ideal for anyone who appreciates a minimalist style.
The rectangular shape offers an elegant yet modern aesthetic, making Alice perfect for any occasion.

Shoulder Bag Carlotta

The union between fashion and art is reflected in a particular way with Carlotta bag. This leather shoulder bag boasts a stylish and modern design, perfect for those who love a refined style. With clean lines and a elegant silhouette, Carlotta is a bag, suitable for casual outings and formal occasions.


Below you can find some shots of the photoshoot taken at the MAXXI museum in Rome. We hope you enjoy them!

Shoulder Leather Bag Alice in Tan Worn by Women in Maxxi Museum in Rome
Alice - Small italian leather shoulder bag - Woman worn bag 1- Sku 2971
Alice - Small italian leather shoulder bag - Woman worn bag- Sku 2971
Shoulder Leather Bag Carlotta in Tourmaline Worn by Women in Maxxi Museum in Rome
Shoulder Leather Bag Carlotta in Submarine Worn by Women in Maxxi Museum in Rome
Shoulder Leather Bag Carlotta in Tourmaline Worn by Women 2 in Maxxi Museum in Rome