Women's Tote Bags

Women's Tote Bags

We take pride in our handmade women’s leather tote bags, creating unique and versatile tote shopper bags that are perfect allies even in a very busy life.


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Large and Functional Tote Shopper Bags

The Dafne T combines simple lines with the practicality of a large leather tote bag. This spacious tote features three compartments inside, ideal for organizing your essentials, making it the perfect large tote bag for work. These designer tote bags also make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Classic Elegance of the Rebecca Work Tote Bag

Introducing the Rebecca, a handmade leather work tote bag that seamlessly blends elegance and practicality. Crafted from premium Italian leather, this bag features a spacious interior with multiple compartments, making it an ideal large leather tote bag for professionals. The sturdy handles and refined design ensure it complements any outfit, while the secure zip-top closure keeps your belongings safe. Whether for a busy workday or a stylish weekend, the Rebecca is the perfect companion for those seeking a large and sophisticated leather tote bag.

Organized Sophistication of the Patrizia 33 Tote Bag

Meet the Patrizia 33, a tote bag with compartments designed for the modern professional. This elegant leather tote offers a well-organized interior with multiple sections, making it easy to keep your belongings tidy. Crafted from luxurious Italian leather, the Patrizia 33 is perfect for those who need a stylish and functional bag for work or travel. Its sleek design and practical compartments make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tote bag that combines elegance and organization.

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