Bespoke & Custom Bags

Would you like to have your own bag ? For the most demanding clientele we manufacture

Bespoke and Custom Leather Bags


Custom to us means the modification of one of our current or past bag designs.
Any customer may choose a  particular type of leather, combine distinctive colors and choose between fabric or leather lining.
With regards to minor customization of our existing bag designs we typically add pockets, straps, handles, key fob attachments, initial, etc.
All this work comes under customization and normally we would provide an exact price before an order is placed.

Please contact us through email prior to ordering to discuss customization and costs of your custom leather bag.


Bespoke to us means something totally original, made for a unique customer.
When you order bespoke leather bags from us you benefit from over 50 years experience. We are asked at times to collaborate with either a design company, stylist, or individual to make something unique just for them.

Typically these bespoke pieces are based around a loose idea or set of guidelines from the customer and then we offer recommendations and advice and fill in the detail.

Bespoke work is typically charged at an hourly rate.

Example of bespoke leather bag design:

Choose between different leather types and leather colors...

Below you can see most part of the colors that we use at moment for our standard leather.
This pebbled leather, that we call “Alce”, is a Real Calf Leather of Italian origin.