Environmental sustainability has become a fundamental dimension that increasingly influences company strategies and government agendas around the world. In our society, the way of producing and consuming is experiencing a constant and radical change in favor of an ecological transition as a response to the challenge of climate change. Even in a small company like ours, we are committed to pursuing actions that contribute to this change: our respect for the environment is strongly linked to the quality of our products and our craftmanship.

Product durability


Our handcrafted leather goods are designed not only to make a fashion statement but to stand the test of time. In antithesis to the logic of “Fast Fashion” products, characterized by low maufacturing and short usefull life, the high quality of our materials and the meticulous “Made in Italy” craftsmanship guarantee longevity to our leather bags, made to last for many years. A product with a long useful life has a double benefit in environmental terms. It reduces the need to replace it with a new one, thus avoiding the consumption of virgin resources necessary to produce it. Moreover, its transformation into waste and the related impacts linked to its treatment are delayed. This leads to lower impacts on the environment, in terms of consumption of resources (and the CO2 associated with their production) and waste produced. Additionally, during the life of the bag, we provide our customers with repair services, further extending the life of the product.



The heart of our business lies in the craftsmanship of all our leather products. Since 1959 each bag has been made by hand, always favoring quality over quantity. This choice, in addition to ensuring the longevity of each bag, helps reduce the carbon footprint generally associated with mass production. The latter, in fact, is characterized by an extensive use of energy, water and other resources, causing a greater environmental impact. Artisanal leather goods, on the contrary, are characterized by small production, often customized: this, in addition to guaranteeing the uniqueness of the products, helps to prevent overproduction and excessive waste. Finally, compared to large and often uncontrolled supply chains, artisanal production has an exclusively local dimension. This, in addition to guaranteeing respect for the worker, helps to support traditional craftsmanship.



The leather of our products comes from a certified tannery that respects the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Our main supplier was the first tannery in the world to have obtained the USDA Biobased certification for its leathers, from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one of the most authoritative sources in terms of sustainability and environment. The USDA Biobased label certifies that a product contains bio-renewable material, which is the portion of a product that comes from a renewable source. Bio-based products enable the reduction in consumption of conventional non-renewable fossil-derived products. The leather we use has been certified with a high degree of renewability, between 85%-90% bio-based content.