60th Years Anniversary

60th Years Anniversary

1959 – 2019

There are times in which is needed to stop and look back, see how far you’ve come, remember where you started.

We want to do it with all of you, because this has been a very special year: our company turned sixty years old!

Ours is a long journey, made of passion and satisfaction for this craft that continues with the same enthusiasm as many years ago.

Our Origins

It all began in the early 1950s in a postcard Rome.

Marcello Del Giudice worked in a small workshop specialized in the creation of leather cases. There he learned the secrets of the trade, learning to work leather with skill and precision, becoming a true master leather craftsman.
 In 1959, together with his wife Rita, he decided to start his own business, dedicated however to the manufacturing of handmade leather bags and leather accessories of high quality.
 The enthusiasm of those years, the great desire to do and the love for work were the fundamental elements of their success.

First leather store Del Giudice – Rome, 1961

Second Generation

Today the idea is the same: make hand-made products of high quality, unique, that conveys the passion behind this craft, enriching it with a current and innovative vision.
Mauro and Andrea Del Giudice have in fact inherited from their parents the knowledge and passion for this ancient trade, which they have been in contact with since very young.

“We are very bound to Made in Italy, and in particular to the Made in Rome. Our father has always told us that Made in Italy not only indicates the geographical origin of the product but is also a guarantee of the high quality of construction, attention to detail and originality of the product itself. It contains all the greatness of our beautiful country, the value of craftsmanship, passion and ideas.”⁠

Our Heritage

Some of our first creations dating back to the 1950s/1960s.⁠
At this time the bag was considered a jewel, in fact for it’s creation only high quality raw materials where used.⁠
Structured and at the same time appealing shapes characterized the fashion of the time.⁠
Would you ever say that these leather bags are over 60 years old ?

Historical handcrafted leather bags from the 50s and 60s

Advertising of Del Giudice bags from the 80s

Third Generation

Federico and Francesca, Mauro’s son and daughter, have always collaborated with the family company.
Francesca for the creative part and Federico for everything related to marketing and sales analysis.⁠⠀

“We were always excited by the idea of carrying on something started by our grandparents, which has evolved over time thanks to the work of our father and our uncle. We still remember when, after school, we came to visit dad at the lab and we used to play with colored leather cuttings, imagining to work here”.⁠

When we create a new bag we like to do it together, collaborating and listening to the opinion of others.⁠ Only this way, we’re able to improve even the smallest details and often, what had been originally conceived never becomes the final product!⁠

Today as in the past,
all of our creations are handmade in our workshop in Rome.⁠⠀

From cutting, to assembly, to sewing, to finishing, all the work is done maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.